Download Shareit for Ubuntu 14,15.10,16.02

In this article we are going to cover how to install shareit for ubuntu.Shareit has definitely turned itself into one of the must have file sharing app nowadays. And being available for most of the well known OS platforms out there, it has become really easy for different users who has different OS running on their device, to share their files through Shareit in a easy way. And also to take into account the fact that Shareit for ubuntu isn’t available for desktop or laptop running on Windows or iOS, still we did find a way of using it on the OS platform that Shareit using an android emulator.

As annroid has turned into one of the most used OS out there now any device now a days, it was just a while till emulators based on android was launched to enjoy the freedom of using any android app even on PC or laptop running on Windows or iOS.

But this is where the question arises, we could run Shareit on an android emulator which was made for Windows and iOS but what about one of the latest OS “Ubuntu”. We can’t use an android emulator on Ubuntu OS running devices, as it has not been launched till now. So what can we do in this aspect?

Install Shareit for Ubuntu & shareit for ubuntu 15.10 free download

Well, so this is what I am going to talk about today. How to run Shareit for Ubuntu? Sounds cool right. Well there are a few trick on using Shareit for Ubuntu… Unlike using an emulator on Windows or iOS… using a different method will be a little lengthy, so bear with me and let me take you through the steps on how you can  run Shareit on Ubuntu.

Methods To Install Shareit on Ubuntu pc laptop:

First to start up with the process, you will need to download an software called ARChon runtime from the GitHub link. With this software you will be able to run android apps on Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Linux Mint. So far I ahve runned Telegram, Shareit, UCbrowser and few other random apps… and being in the initial developing stage if you are facing any problem using this software then leave a comment below. So lets get down with the process:

  • The first thing you will need to do is extract the files of the ARChon runtime.
  • The next step will be to Install Node.js and npm which will be available too with the link.
  • Now you will also need to install the required tool which are :

It’s recommend to download the apk files from any random site as fwe of the non trusted site may contain virus or malware coding which can be bad.

  • Now that you are done with the process you will also need to run a command to covert as for Chrome, the command are as follows:
  • Now that the command has been been applied, this will automatically create a way for the app into the Home of the Ubuntu machine.

Now all you need to do is open the developer mode in the Chrome browser and go to extension and press “Load unpacked extension” tab. Now you will be prompt to select the extracted ARChon folder.And finally now you will need to utilize the ‘Load unpacked extension’ to click and load the Shareit apk for android file that was creatd using the tool from step 3. Now that the app is loaded you will simply need to click on launch to Start up the Shareit for Ubuntu.