Taste of the Wild VS Blue Buffalo VS Orijen VS Merrick: The Dog Food Brand You’d Better Pick

When you need to pick a dog food brand for a favorite pet, you might realize it’s quite a challenge. The current market is full of option in various price categories. Let’s discuss the most respected brands worth knowing about: Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Orijen, and Merrick. We’ll compare them all to decide which is the best choice.

The general characteristics of Taste of the Wild

The 1st brand on today’s agenda is Taste of the Wild. It’s often called one of the best brands for dogs based on numerous reviews. The product line has 9 dry dog food options. You’ll be pleased to find out that the meat protein in these products is higher than in average brands. However, it’s lower than in premium options like Orijen. Taste of Wild is grain-free and includes the following products:

• Beef,

• Boar,

• Lamb,

• Ocean fish,

• Eggs,

• Garbanzo beans,

• Pea flour.

Sometimes the meals contain peas, canola oil, etc.

A brief overview of Blue Buffalo

This brand stands out by delivering a huge selection of choices. The manufacturer is genuinely worried about the dogs’ wellness and promoted a healthy oxidative balance and dogs’ health. There are 18 dry dog foods. Blue Buffalo takes natural elements to secure the best nutrition for our pets. Consequently, Blue Buffalo doesn’t contain:

1. Poultry by-product meals,

2. Artificial flavors or coloring,

3. Chemical preservatives.

You also won’t see corn, wheat, soy or any similar ingredient.

Blue Buffalo often positions itself as a holistic dog food manufacturer. It offers different formulas taking into account the dogs’ nutritional peculiarities at every stage of life. That’s why you are sure to pick suitable dog food from this variety.

Things to learn about Orijen

The overall best choice is Orijen. This company has spent over 3 decades on delivering the best-quality formulas for your favorite pets. The food line has 6 different options. Moreover, you can pick from 3 freeze-dried food formulas and various treats. Orijen products contain only natural wholesome ingredients like poultry, eggs, fish, and meats, etc. All the ingredients were received from ranches, farms, and ocean.

The food is also made following the whole prey model of dog feeding. Unlike various advertised foods, your dog will get over 80% whole meats, i.e. around 40% protein. It is a Canadian company which already won many awards on the national level.

Key facts about Merrick

This is probably the most famous premium natural dog food. You must have heard about it, too. The brand uses human-grade ingredients to deliver the best-balanced diet to your favorite pets. Since it was launched in 1988, it’s always been a family-owned company. Although the recipes are quite simple but innovative. The main things you should know about the brand are:

1. Merrick uses high-quality ingredients which are locally grown on the farms and ranches.

2. They follow the strict standards defined by the FDA.

3. Merrick owns 5-sat kitchen and manufacturing facilities.

4. You won’t see any artificial ingredients, coloring, flavors, etc.

5. Each meal is based on USDA-inspected deboned meat.

All in all, the brands we’ve discussed take great care in delivering the best formulas for your pets’ nutrition and health. While Merrick and Orijin are considered to be more premium and expensive, the other two – Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild – are more affordable. Make your choice based on what your dog requires at a certain period in life.