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Surf the Internet with Opera VPN

Opera VPN is one of the most convenient tools for surfing the Internet without obstacles. The tool has become one of the highlights of this browser and we decided to deal with this option in our Opera VPN review.

Opera VPN: benefits and advantages

The opera browser offers fast and safe web surfing on the Internet. Provides the ability to easily visit any website, offering built-in ad-blocking (AdBlock) and a free VPN service

The Opera web browser has a rich set of ready-made functions, which attract users who want a complete and ready-made solution, not wanting to install additional modules every time you need functions that are not in the browser.

Increased browser fraud protection Opera protects you from websites that try to steal your personal information.

Opera runs on the new Blink web engine and V8 JavaScript engine and is based on the Chromium project. You can use the Download Chrome Extension to install extensions from the Chrome Web Store.

Now you can be sure that your favorite sites will be at hand at any time on your computer and mobile devices. And this is only the first step in the development of synchronization – we are actively working to expand this functionality.

Key Features of Opera Browser

  • Internet privacy and security: Opera includes built-in web protection to prevent visits to malicious and fraudulent sites. The built-in VPN function protects your data while surfing the Internet.
  • Built-in ad blocker: ad filter is built directly into the browser, you will have to install additional extensions more. This feature allows you to speed up the loading of “heavy” pages by 90%.
  • My Flow: My Flow function allows you to save links, YouTube videos, and files for delayed viewing or sharing with a mobile device with the Opera Touch browser installed. Content in My Flow will only be available on your devices.
  • Advanced functions for working with tabs: Opera supports the function of visual bookmarks, supports scrolling tabs using the mouse wheel and allows you to view videos in a pop-up frame.
  • Fast surfing: the browser offers a built-in anti-banner and other options to speed up the network. The new battery-saving feature extends the battery life of laptops by 1.5 times.
  • Unique style: unlimited Opera personalization options with additional extensions. New color solutions as part of the Opera Reborn interface update project.
  • Messenger support: Opera offers to simultaneously perform web surfing and communication activities using clients of popular services Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram right on the sidebar of the browser.
  • Data synchronization: Opera supports synchronization of bookmarks, open tabs and other data between devices.
  • Personalized news feed: Opera collects the most relevant and interesting news for you on the browser start page. Customize your news feed by adding your favorite resources from around the world.

Opera Web Browser is one of the fastest, safest and easiest to use browsers available to users. Opera browser will satisfy all your needs – be it effective work, interesting entertainment or self-expression.