McAfee VS Avast VS Norton VS Total AV

When it comes to choosing antivirus software, the choice might not be that obvious. The selection of options is enormous and is sure to satisfy the needs of every user. Let’s find out more about such antivirus software like McAfee, Avast, Norton, and Total AV. We’ll compare their main advantages to find out which one offers the best solution.

A brief overview of McAfee

This is one of the oldest antivirus software on the market. It often comes as a part of the bundle when you get Adobe products. Just like most antivirus programs, McAfee offers 2 versions: a free and a paid one. The advantages of using this antivirus include:

1. A huge selection of extra features,

2. The guarantee of virus removal,

3. It can cover an unlimited number of devices if you have a premium subscription.

4. The independent testing proved excellent anti-phishing tools.

5. The company offers a live chat and email technical support.

While it’s a decent antivirus, there are some issues you need to take into account. For example, the pricing policy. When you upgrade, the cost is rather high compared to other leaders on the market. Moreover, inexperienced users are likely to find the interface confusing or complicated. Finally, while anti-phishing scores were perfect, the software fails to detect some other sorts of threats. As a result, there are mixed reviews about this antivirus.

The general impression from Avast Antivirus

This is one of the most popular antivirus software. Millions of people know about it because of the free version because it brings much more than just core protection. This software is rather bulky but brings tons of useful features. They are:

• Wi-Fi Inspector,

• Rescue Disk,

• Software Updater,

• Real Site,

• Sandbox,

• A VPN,

• A personal firewall,

• A fire shredder,

• Game mode, etc.

This antivirus has lots of advantages in addition to those tools. You get 4 types of scans, configurations to help you adjust the software to your needs, etc. While the free version is very widespread and popular, the subscription plan is a bit expensive.

A few things you need to know about Norton

Norton is also a popular antivirus software which is a lot like Bitdefender and McAfee. You are sure to benefit from its multiple advantages like:

1. It scored excellent result during the independent tests.

2. Comes with extra tools like online backup, spam filter, password manager, etc.

3. It has an affordable price if you subscribe during the season of sales.

4. Has plenty of scan choices.

5. Great malware protection.

However, it’s also not the perfect one. The full scan is very slow, especially the first time you run it. Besides, it doesn’t offer multi-license pricing. It means you’ll have to buy a separate license for every PC in your household or upgrade to Deluxe version. This might turn out to be very expensive.

The basic facts about Total AV Antivirus

This antivirus also has 2 versions: free and paid. The free version is very limited and delivers only the basic protection against malware. As soon as you upgrade, you get a few extra features like a VPN, a Password Manager, and Ad Block Pro. This is one of the simplest antiviruses with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. The main screen contains 4 main sections:

1. Antivirus,

2. System Boost,

3. Disk Cleaner,

4. Web Security.

Despite numerous advantages and features, the antivirus software is rather controversial. For instance, only the paid version has a quarantine. Other users get to pick from deleting, whitelisting or doing nothing. Even worse than that is the lack of 100% protection. Total AV fails to detect every 10th threat. It’s a huge problem taking into account the money you pay for the software. Finally, there is some confusion with the pricing. If you pick this software, be attentive and read the details lest you had to be much more than expected.

The verdict

As you can see, every antivirus software has its pros and cons. Avast, Total AV, Norton, and McAfee all deliver decent protection at a reasonable price. To choose the best program, you need to think about what you expect from it. Count how many devices you have to cover in your household and compare the prices for multi-license subscriptions. There is no need to pay more for the same quality of services.

Think about the extra tools you wish to have and pick the company which delivers them all in bulk. In case you already have most of the tools from other programs, there is no need to look for a complex antivirus, pay for all the features, and end up never using them. In this case, it’s more reasonable to get high-level protection only.