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How to Install PC Matic on Additional PCs?

The constant appearance of new threats and viruses make people look for the most reliable protection. The selection of options in this industry grows as fast and brings dozens of options. In case you are looking for more information about PC Matic, you are in the right place. The software has a unique approach and differs from the rest antivirus solutions. Let’s discuss how to install PC Matic and why it’s so unique.

A Brief Overview

PC Matic is an interesting choice that is based on a whitelisting algorithm. The technology uses the list of known safe files instead of the list of the known threats to define which files to run and which ones to block. This antivirus has a cloud-base database that is being increased by the day. Whenever the device comes across an unknown file, it blocks the file temporarily for 24 hours. Within this period, the research team examines the file and whitelists or blocks it.

PC Matic also uses Fileless Script Block and RDP Port Controls to deliver better results. In combination with PC maintenance features, the software keeps the device optimized and free from malware. Optimization tools remove junk files, fix small software issues, perform defragmentation, etc.

How to Install PC Matic?

To add this software to your computer, a user needs to download the installation file. It’s possible to get it from the official website and other sites that distribute various software.

As soon as you have this file, just run it. The installation process is fast and simple. After the file is unpacked and the installation is over, a user may start using both the newly added features and the device.

Since one license can cover all the household devices, some users wonder how to add this software to their tablets, laptops, etc. In fact, the process doesn’t differ much. Download the compatible file for the device in question, install it, and then log in using the same account information and license key. This way you’ll spread the software on all the devices you need.

The Highlights of the Software

PC Matic was created and developed entirely in the USA. This is one of the reasons why the support team is available only during business hours. The company also offers very flexible pricing. While there is no free edition, there is a lifetime subscription. The latter one is very affordable considering you buy it once and get updates for the rest of your life. An annual subscription is affordable, too. It costs about $50 and covers up to five devices.

The program stands out by approaching protection from an entirely different angle. While it’s definitely safe, the technology needs improvement. Many users complain about the annoying abundance of false positives. What’s more, it takes time to get some reliable files whitelisted.

However, this is one of the most suitable solutions for outdated PCs that don’t support new and modern antivirus programs. A person can prevent hackers from using his antivirus tools authorizing each user and identifying each device. It’s also possible to add PC Matic to smartphones and tablets that run on Android.


Now you know all about the program as well as how to install PC Matic on all your household devices. The program stands out from the rest by using a unique approach to malware protection. It’s compatible with all devices, even the outdated ones. However, it has some mixed reviews from the users. What’s more, there is no data from the independent testing labs about the quality of protection from the latest versions. Hopefully, the company will pay attention to all the drawbacks and improve the technology soon.