How to Add an Exception to Avast

How to Add an Exception to Avast

In this article, we will talk in detail about such Avast antivirus functions as exceptions. Learn how to properly configure your antivirus yourself.

Why do I need an Avast exception list?

It’s no secret how antivirus programs work. They block malicious files by warning us about threats with pop-up notifications with red icons. But not every downloaded file blocked by your antivirus is dangerous. 

You should never rule out the fact that your protection system may get false positives when it prevents completely clean and safe files. Being overly cautious might be a plus for some, but what if you are sure that a downloaded file is perfectly safe but your antivirus blocks or even deletes it? 

That’s why there is an “exception list” or “whitelist” function – you can put all the files you need into this list, which is considered by your antivirus as dangerous, and use them without worry.

Avast add exception for files and folders instruction 

In case Avast is blocking some folders or files, you should do the next steps to remove them from the block list:

  • First of all, open Avast and go to its control panel
  • Then navigate to the menu and press the “Settings” tab, where you will immediately find the “Exceptions” tab in a shared folder
  • In the “Exceptions” you’ll have to indicate the so-called “path” to the very file or folder that you would like to include in the list of exceptions
  • And after this action, programs or websites will be available on your computer, which in turn will prevent Avast from scanning

Add URL Exception 

If your antivirus is blocking access to a website, add its link to the Avast exclusions list by following these steps:

  • Open Avast and go to Control Panel, then find the “Exceptions” tab as shown in the previous instruction
  • Then on this tab, you should press the “add an exception” button and a new window will appear. In this window, you can input the URL you want
  • Confirm your action with the same “add exception” key so that the address is stored
  • Then return to the site you just whitelisted in your browser to see if it works or not

Add an exception for programs/software

This technique is applied when you want to eliminate a program from Avast. You will also be able to whitelist a shield, be it web shield or mail shield, file shield, and games altogether. The guidelines are described in detail below.

  • Open the Avast antivirus control panel and go to the settings 
  • In the settings, find Active Protection and run it 
  • After that, select the name of the shield (network, game, file, mail) that you are going to add to the list of exceptions and click on the “configure” link 
  • Then click on the menu in the exceptions and add the shields of your choice
  • You can even choose when you wish to implement these exceptions