Board of directors software for business meetings on strategic planning

The most advanced tools for remote work are cloud solutions like boardrooms, which significantly reduce the cost of money and time for the integration and configuration of video communications.

Trends in the field of software solutions for video communication

The tools for remote work are experiencing unprecedented growth in 2021, and in the future, they may become almost the main software in many areas of business.

Video conferencing systems are divided into hardware, software, and cloud. In essence, all three using one or another software. In hardware systems, it is part of the control equipment, it is also used to coordinate processes and control the exchange of data between users. In software and cloud services, specialized software is the main functional component that is installed on server and client devices, combining them into a network.

The main share of the videoconferencing technology market consists of cloud solutions focused on private users, home communication and the interaction of a small number of corporate subscribers.

The main trends in the development of the software development market for boardrooms are:

  • Unification of solutions: complex system products that contain functionality for resource provision, monitoring, management of all components, including conference room equipment, peripherals, software clients, and so on. 
  • Maximum mutual integration provides easy and adaptive interaction with the maximum number of devices, applications, and systems built on different technologies and from different manufacturers. 
  • Development of the “cloud” direction: low cost, optimal scalability, and ease of operation of the board of directors software bring them to the forefront of the market. 
  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies: AI technologies are expected to become key in large video conferencing systems focused on the simultaneous exchange of large data sets of various types. This approach will improve the quality of communication and increase the manageability of the system by automating the processes of updating and synchronizing functions. 

The leading solutions for boardrooms software

  • Mind

One of the most advanced and functional video conferencing applications, which is very popular with corporate clients all over the world. You won’t be able to use the program for free, there is only testing for a limited time. The possibilities depend on the tariff plan – the maximum version gives up to 500 participants and picture quality up to 4K. An unlimited number of conferences can be held at the same time. You can also join it using your phone, there is also a demonstration/connection to the desktop.

  • GoToMeeting

A well-deserved and very popular video conferencing service in English-speaking countries. It has a free version, with the help of which three participants can be connected by video link, simultaneously sharing files and showing their desktop. The basic tariff plan will already allow you to connect 10 people, and a maximum – 100. There is even a function of working on one document. As usual, there were some drawbacks – the Samar program does not know how to record video conferences, and for some reason, the developers did not provide the support of the Russian language.

  • TrueConf

It is the best video conferencing software that can host 4K conferences. Do not rush to say that this is superfluous. Most modern smartphones have front cameras capable of delivering this resolution, and webcams are not uncommon. But the “bottleneck” will be the connection speed, for such a high-quality streaming video you need a wide communication channel, mobile communications, even 4G, this is unlikely to pull. However, TrueConf is not unique to 4K. Depending on the version, up to 1000 participants can be connected to one conference.