Best Car Apps for Android and iPhone

For past of years smartphones has changed our lives, the way we think, the way we plan and recently the way we use our cars also. At the crossroads of the smartphone and the automobile falsehoods cosmic opportunity for increases in speed, entertainment and efficiency. Here the car apps come to play. A car mode app brings voice control, sat nav integration and weather information to any car, however it might be old. And it takes no hard efforts, all you need to do is mount your smartphone to the dashboard and install a perfect app.

Also if you want to find your car, destination or the economical gas station in the area. You can do all these things plus performance testing with below mentioned apps.


Our beloved apps mentioned below. The list isn’t all-elite or comprehensive but it’s a powerful combination of most used and entertaining apps accessible today.
Best Used Car Apps 2018
GasBuddy – Free

Available For – iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Why we should pay more for gas when you don’t have to? We always drive around for compairing a pump price and that doesn’t make any sense. Here comes to work. Its website post local gas prices with simple-to-use format and in the poles apart, including diesel.

Rather than surfing to you can use GasBuddy’s app to collect all the information. And its user interface so easy operates and you can get driving directions also as bonus.
Repair Pal — Free

Available for: iOS and Android

Repair Pal car app

These days’ auto mechanics don’t have much reputation for fidelity. Calling out different mechanics from the town for repairing purpose would be a real headache, and cost a vast amount of money. But with the help of Repair Pal the legwork is done for you.

You need to just choose your car and select the type of repair your car needed. And it will sputter what you might think in your area. This all processes are based on repair pal’s website and functions are same. Repair Pal costs a little bit more money than final price that we paid for different repairs, but well within a reasonable edge.

Waze — Free

Available for: iOS and Android

Is this app good? Yes! And good adequate for Google to shells out more that spend a billion to buy it. And that’s one of the main reasons why we called it more than a direction-finding app. It’s community driving, by the user data for accurate traffic jams, disaster and real time gas prices.

When serious stoppages are shown, waze app will guide you to the best route around as best as it can. Hence, the traffics aren’t limited to highways and major pathways, side streets traffic also included. That’s why Waze more than a navigation app, its free and useful app compairing to other paid apps.
Car Minder Plus — $2.99

Available for: iOS

To be honest car maintenance is a tough job for anyone. And it is something that we lose our sleep also. But we need to keep in mind that car preservation is an important part of ownership. And this handy app makes it more comfortable and easy.

Having this app you’ll feel like you have your own personal fleet manager in your pocket. You have to by hand add your maintenance schedule from the owner’s manual. Then Car Minder Plus will remind you when it’s time for schedule maintenance and other repair services. This app also trails your fuel economy and refines all that data into an easy-to-read chart. And above of all, you can administer many vehicles.
PlugShare — Free

Available for: iOS and Android

Whether you have a full-gust EV or a plug-in hybrid, ruling the nearby charging station is very essential and also it is a very vital part of ownership. Here the PlugShare app comes very useful. This app shows the most flanking charge station and flouting them by which ones is home, public, quick charge and in use.

If you want you can alter those results by adding or deleting free stations, access-restricted chargers and Tesla superchargers. This app purely copies the data from and shows you various options like directions, contact information and direct messaging with charger owners and many more.

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