Aptoide iOS,iPhone,Ipad In 2018

We got exceptional response on our last post on aptoide for pc so we are coming this time with aptoide ios.Most of us who use the regular smartphones know that there are many places from where you can download your favorite apps and what not and still, if you want to go for the official availability of the apps which you want to have in your devices, then obviously, you will be going for the Google Play Store as there is no better app than the Google Play Store which provides most of the applications for free.

Now you may have seen that even though there are a number of free apps available on the Google Play Store, still something is missing. Some of the best apps there are available for a specific amount of money and at any cost, you don’t like that. Many people have payment issues and they can’t find a good place for this purpose and so, there is a good app for you in this case which will help you get all of your favorite apps from the Google Play Store and that too for free and which even doesn’t conflict with your device signature. It is known as Aptoide for iOS no jailbreak.

The best thing is that Aptoide is an alternative for the Google Play Store and it provides the applications which are premium, for free. You should be knowing that Aptoide is available for the Android smartphones and we will be discussing that too but before that, we will be simulating Aptoide for iPhone 6 or the Aptoide for iPad or Aptoide for Mac free download with you.

What is Aptoide for iOS?

We will soon be discussing Aptoide for iPhone 6 or Aptoide for Mac but before that, let us completely introduce you with the Aptoide application. You might be knowing for sure that the Google Play Store is a home to many of the applications which are useful for your device for the essential use and if you too want to install those apps, all you need to do is to just click on the install button and the app will be downloaded right away.

But if you are just not sure about some applications and whenever you want an app which is as good as anything (something like Poweramp full version), then you must be aware of the fact that it is not available for free download and all you have to do is to spend some money over downloading this application on your devices. But as you know, it is better to go for Plan B – downloading apps free from Aptoide.

To this, there is one of the best alternative, the Aptoide for iOS and Android app which provides you with all such apps and that too for free of cost and without paying anything. The reason Aptoide is becoming more popular day by day is that it not only provides you with free stuff, but it also provides you with trusted apps that even the Google Play Store trusts in.

However, the unfortunate thing here is that Aptoide is not available on the Google Play Store and if you want to download Aptoide for Android, you will have to download its APK from Google and search it manually.

The reason it has been removed from the Google Play Store is that it gives direct competition to it and most of the people actually give up on Play Store and start using Aptoide. It is not something of a give and take situation, it is far better than that.

Aptoide download ios

The second major reason that people actually choose Aptoide is that the Google Play Store delays some newly launched apps in some countries which results in the delay in the release of such apps. But with Aptoide, things are exactly the opposite as it brings all the new apps to you even if you are in any part of the world. It has a huge database from where you can download a vast number of apps and that too for free.

Well talking about popularity, we don’t need to mention it twice that this app namely Aptoide has recently received a million dollar funding which has led it go far beyond better and not only that but it also has been one of the best apps for users hunting for apps which are provided for free everywhere. You can even create a showcase of your apps in this Aptoide ios app and other users can actually discover that showcase which leads you to go for the free apps and the sharing becomes easy. You can’t really expect anything better than that, right? This is the reason that many of the iOS users have started to look for Aptoide for iPhone or Aptoide for Apple Devices and that is the reason that we have provided a guide here pf how to download Aptoide for Apple devices.

Features of Aptoide for iOS:

  • Aptoide for iOS is a free app to download which will allow you to browse all apps from Google Play Store.
  • You won’t be spending a single penny now for downloading your favorite apps as Aptoide is there and it will allow you to download your favorite apps for free on any device.
  • Talking about the availability, the Aptoide app is available for both, tablets as well as smartphones.
  • If you, due to any reason, can’t access the Play Store and it is important to download your favorite apps for you, then Aptoide would be the most ideal option for you as it easily lets you download your favorite apps and that too for free.
  • If your device is rooted and sometimes, you are not able to access the Google Play Store, then all you have to do is to download the Aptoide app and with that, you can easily download any app which are even available on the Google Play Store.
  • You can download all the premium apps for free without even signing up.
  • The Aptoide workers even have contact support and a designated blog to help you each time you are stuck anywhere.
  • You can access Aptoide for iOS from any country and that too without paying anything.
  • You can download more than 70,000 apps from Aptoide for free.
  • You don’t need to manually update Aptoide in your device. Apps get updated themselves and the main application also gets updated quite frequently with new data.
  • If you updated to any app and do not like the new update, you can easily revert back to any of the previous versions which you want to download.

How to download Aptoide for iOS:

Aptoide is available for Android and you can easily download its APK file and use it in your Android devices. But when it comes to iOS, Aptoide isn’t available on your Apple devices. You might be thinking that jailbreaking your iOS devices might be the solution but we are sorry, there isn’t any solution to this. Still, we are giving you the steps to download Aptoide for iOS:

  1. Search for Aptoide app in your iPhone
  2. You will be provided with the official website of Aptoide.
  3. Once you enter the website, you will be able to download the APK file of the Aptoide app which you are supposed to download.
  4. Now, tap the HOME button just above the round button of your iPhone.
  5. Under that, select “Add to homescreen”
  6. Now an icon will be created on your homescreen. Name that as “Aptoide”.

So this was the complete info of what we had on how to download Aptoide for iOS or how to download Aptoide for iPhone 6 and Aptoide for iPad and Aptoide for Mac.